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"Pat Collins, an unclassifiable Irish talent, returns with another starkly beautiful, deliberately confounding quasi-documentary. Close your eyes after a first viewing and you will recall widescreen shots of lapping seas, big skies and sprawling wetlands"
Irish TimesRead the full review here

"It's a haunting film, though, not least because it feels like a rare indulgence, allowing yourself the tactile pleasure of stepping outside the blare of the day's rat-run to wallow in the luxury of hush, space and stalled time. It's as if the entire film is one long Pinteresque pause, a deep drawing of some life-giving breath, and for that alone it's a hugely enjoyable experience."
Irish ExaminerRead the full review here

"Silence is a powerful piece of film and a credit to Irish cinema. It excels in being philosophical without being morose. Mac Giolla Bhríde gives a compelling performace and makes a flawless transition from perfectionist sound recorder to soul-searching pilgrim"
The University ObserverRead the full review here

"Silence is a remarkable film: daring, original, even groundbreaking in its way. Though my -- or indeed any -- description of the film will make it sound pretentious and offputtingly arid, in fact it's anything but. Eoghan's task might be ethereal, but Collins grounds his film deep in the western soil."
Irish Independent Read the full review here

"Director Pat Collins is the star here. He manages to get so much right and he uses such simple and beautiful touches to achieve this. His use of archive footage is superb and even the use of maps to give the audience the idea of where Eoghan travels is so simple and so successful that you can’t help but be utterly impressed" – Read the full review here

"Silence offers a pointed treatment of the story of Ireland for an audience willing to engage. The quality of work here whets the appetite for a companion piece set in a bustling Irish city telling of the flip side of the coin that has left our identity behind." – Read the full review here

"Beautifully photographed and leanly played by MacGiolla Bhride and others, Silence recalls other powerful Irish films (Garage, One Hundred Mornings) whose narrative is driven by imagery and sound. Listen, watch and wonder" 4 stars
RTE Guide

"With his long shots of dreamy landscapes set to the occasional voiceover, Pat Collins puts himself inthe forefront for the 'Irish Terrence Malick' award, if there is such a thing."
Entertainment.ieRead the full review here

"The symphonic quality to the cinematography, together with the quality of Mac Giolla Bhride’s turn in the central role, results in a spectacle that will resonate with those who appreciate quality cinema. Silence is a deeply personal story, but it’s loaded with a poignant universal resonance – it’s a silence that can be said to speak volumes"
Sunday Independent

"By turns abstract, poetic and curiously haunting, it’s an indefinable, enigmatic beast – one that demands your attention, and deserves it."
Image magazine